Political Action


Stay up-to-date with talking points and concerns for current issues in Ohio. Be prepared to speak and act on behalf of public education. These decisions will affect us all!


The Educator Connector Line ( 1-866-293-7278 ) is designed to help educators reach the office of their U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator easily to send a message regarding political actions that impact their profession or their lives. When members call in they receive specific instructions. The caller is prompted to select between leaving a message for their U.S. Representative or their U.S. Senator. Once a selection is made, the caller must call-in again to reach the other party. Use this easy path to making your voice heard in Washington!


Education Votes facilitates your support for public education.  Stay updated on state and national politics, legislation and events that affect schools, and ways you can advocate for students, educators, and communities.


Visit the ECOEA Political Action page for additional info