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District Retired Report for the September 21

District November 2020 Retired Report


Today, I voted for Tamir Rice, who would’ve been 18 this year.

Today, I voted for the 210,000 dead and millions of sick Americans who should be alive and well.

Today, I voted for the victims of Parkland, Las Vegas, the Tree of Life Synagogue, and near-daily mass shootings that we’ve become numb to.

Today, I voted for Heather Heyer and the victims of white supremacist terrorists across the country.

Today, I voted for Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahamud Arbery, Jonathan Price, and countless others that should still be with us.

Today, I voted for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose dying wish was ignored after a lifetime of service and pioneering.

Today, I voted for my students’ present and future.

Today, I voted for democracy.

Mr. Oliver Warren, Wooster Education Association, October 6, 2020