OEA-R Mission

OEA-R is dedicated to providing services to meet the needs of its members, providing member involvement within OEA, and supporting education.

OEA-R Purpose

* Advance and promote OEA programs for retired members and pre-retired subscribers
* Provide a structure for participation within the framework of OEA
* Identify the needs and concerns of retired members
* Encourage cooperation and communication among all segments of the public education profession




  •  Interested in being considered for appointment to the position of OEA-R Representative to the OEA Convention Planning Committee?
    Names of persons are now being accepted. This is for a full three (3) year term beginning September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2019. The duties of the OEA Convention Planning Committee are as follows:
    Shall ensure the efficient operation of the OEA Representative Assemblies. Subcommittees of this Committee are responsible for examining the credentials of all delegates; recommending to the Assembly, for approval, the seating of all eligible delegates; conducting the elections of the Representative Assembly; proposing the Standing Rules of the Representative Assembly; taking calls from delegates at the microphones and writing up questions, motions, or points of personal privilege for the parliamentarian and OEA President. The Convention Planning Representative is required to attend a meeting the night before both the Fall and Spring RAs with the hotel room being paid for by OEA. Meals and mileage are reimbursable based on OEA criteria in place at the time of the meeting. There could be a rare phone conference call between meetings if needed.
    Please submit your name to the OEA-R Chair John Hoyes jhoyes@columbus.rr.com with a copy to the
    Vice Chair Carol Kinsey at Cskinsey@aol.com no later than May 1, 2016 indicating you wish to be considered for the appointment to this position. Please include a brief statement listing your qualifications and reason for wanting to serve OEA-R in this position. Final approval of a recommendation from OEA-R must be approved by the OEA Board of Directors


  • NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members seeking member stories
         After a lifetime of service to our nation’s public schools, members maintain a vivid interest in NEA and education policy and news and they want to keep public education strong.  
          We need your help telling our retired members’ stories–especially those members whose presence will help to showcase the diversity of NEA retirees.
          If you know of someone who would make a great interview subject for NEA Today for NEA- Retired Members, please share their contact information with the magazine’s editor, Lisa Leigh.   She may be reached at lleigh@nea.org, or 202/822-7258.