OEA-R Mission

OEA-R is dedicated to providing services to meet the needs of its members, providing member involvement within OEA, and supporting education.

OEA-R Purpose

* Advance and promote OEA programs for retired members and pre-retired subscribers
* Provide a structure for participation within the framework of OEA
* Identify the needs and concerns of retired members
* Encourage cooperation and communication among all segments of the public education profession



    SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 2016
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    Just when you thought the field was already too crowded….
    OEA-Retired Advisory Council wants you to consider becoming a candidate for the Spring 2016 election. Please give this serious consideration  and  download the Declaration of Candidacy form.
    Filing deadine: February 15, 2016.


  • Watch OEA-R member Mary Binegar (Urbana CSD) speak during an August 2015 event in Columbus, “Rally to Defend the American Dream.” Please share with those who should also hear this message. Click here for YouTube video



    The Ohio Education Association’s Division of Retired (OEA-Retired) is allocated a total of 45 delegates to the 2015-2016 OEA Representative Assemblies.  The OEA-Retired Guidelines state that the following members of the OEA-Retired Advisory Council shall serve as automatic delegates by virtue of office:
               OEA-Retired Advisory Council
    Chair, John Hoyes; Vice Chair, Carol Kinsey; Secretary, Peg Ham; Past President/Chair, David Bowen; Capital Representative, Jeff Corbin; CENTRAL, Mary Binegar; ECOEA, Kathleen Purdy; EOEA,VACANT; NCOEA,  Judy Novak; NEOEA, Beryl Burkle; NWOEA, Susan Cramer; SEOEA, Christine McVicar; SWOEA, Judy Buschle; WOEA, Jane Rahn; At-Large, Christina Wall Swank; ESP, Adele Matias; Higher Education, Bonnie Harris; OEA Board of Directors, Bill Sears
    Ballots to elect an additional 27 delegates were counted by members of the OEA-Retired Advisory Council on October 27, 2015.  There were 2075 total ballots cast and of those, 2060 were valid and 15 were voided (voted for more than 27 candidates).
        The duly elected delegates and alternates are as follows:
    William A. Dorsey, Homer O. Adams, Donald L. Traxler, Marsh Buckley, Sally Smith, Marilyn Allen, Pam Smith, Deloris Rome Hudson, Marti Huss, Hazel Haffner, Gary Hollow, Nanci DiBianca, Warren Hershberger, Nancy Wonson, Willie A. Terrell, Jr., Donna Smoot-Walters, Sue Christian, Hank Haynes, Debbie Bernauer, Jim Berta, Nancy Brown, Lyn Curry-Huston, Jack Boyd, Phil A. Long, Norman Hillstrom, John A. Veverka,  Gail Gentile
    Lynn Aring, Marthi Franks, Joyce M. Hives, Lynnette R. Harris, Sandy Coe, Cathy Dixon, Jeff Slattery, Claudia Miller, R. Joyce Skocic, Wil Vickery, Michael Jordan, Haven Reardon, Marie K. Jurkiewicz, Barry Alcock, Jim Wilhelm, Warlita S. Duvall, Steve Lykins